class: O´Neil
type: Deep Space Station
length: 8,645 meter
mass: 9.1 billion metric tons
crew: 6,500
troops: None
fighters: 48 Starfury fighters
power: 8 Fusion Reactors
duration: 5 years
weapon: Twin Particle arrays
Particle Laser Cannon
Pulse Cannons
Plasma Cannons
defense: 8 - 12 meter armored hull
II Defense Grid

Technical Data - Size Charts - Station Map - Station Services
Yellow Sector - Brown Sector - Red Sector - Blue Sector - Gray Sector - Green Sector - Downbelow

BABYLON 5 Station.: Facts, Technical Data

Type.:      O'Neil Class Space Station
Position.: Babylon 5 is located at coordinates: 470x18x22.
               Roughly a central location between the five major galactic powers.
               Physical location in the Epsilon System places the station at the L5 point between the local star,
               Euphrates (orbiting it at 33,000km) and that planet's small moon.

Hyperspace distance from major homeworlds:

  1. Earth - 36 standard hours hyperspace
  2. Narn - 44 standard hours hyperspace (12.2 standard light years)
  3. Centauri Prime - 48 standard hours hyperspace (75 Centauri light years)
  4. Minbar - unknown
  5. Vorlon Homeworld - 96 standard hours hyperspace

Local Star Type.: K2 (Epsilon Eridani)

Length of Year.: artificial rotation is set to standard timetables (Earth Mean Time).

Atmosphere.: 92% of pressurized spaces: Oxygen/Nitrogen.
5.2% of pressurized spaces:  Methane.
2.8% of pressurized spaces: Other non-standard.

Gravity.: Zero-G to 1.41 G (Red Sector's gravity varies from 0.9 G to 1.35 G)

Population.: 250,000 (est.) mostly as transit passengers.

58% Human
42% Alien
200,000 estimated daily turnover with 95% civilian traffic.
It would take an estimated three to five days to completely evacuate the station.

Crew Compliment.:
Earth Force and Administration: 6,500
Guild Dockworkers: 1,500
Commanding Officer.: Commander Sinclair, then Captain Sheridan, then Captain Lockley
Date of operation.:      September 2257

Length.: 8.454,1 km
Mass.:  2.5 million tonnes (metal casing only); 9.1 billion tonnes (total)
Diameter (rotating section).: 840 meters
Garden Diameter.:               400 meters (on average)
Interior parkland.:                12 square miles
Thermal Panel Span.:          2,070 meters

Defense Grid.:
Pulse Cannons - Incoming fire Interceptors - Mine launchers - Plasma Guns
2ZX Tracking System (formerly an XP7 - a relic from the Earth-Minbari War)

Starfighter Capacity.:
48 Starfury fighters
28 are ready to launch at any given time
24 SA-23E Aurora class Starfuries
24 new SA-32 Thunderbolt class Starfuries.
Most of these Thunderbolts came from the EAS Churchill.
which was destroyed during the Battle of Euphrates
by forces loyal to former President William, Morgan Clark
after Babylon 5 seceded from the Earth Alliance in 2260*.

Work Gear and Vehicles:
5 Mitchel-Hyundyne STG-19 Insystem Shuttles
 5 Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttles
 8 Zero-G Majestix Class Cargo Loaders
36 Mitchel-Hyundyne UV-2C Maintenance Bot's
21 Mitchel-Hyundyne UV-5E Maintenance Pod's
10 Mitchel-Hyundyne Maintenance Fury's
10 Type 1 Mini Cargo Shuttle
10 Type 2 Mini Cargo Shuttle
10 Hand held Grappling's Claw's and 30 Work Crew Jet-Packs

Main power for Babylon 5 is handled by a series of high-mass particle-fusion reactors
in the rear non-rotating section of the station.
Fuel tank located at the rear of the station is a total of
265 meter in lenght

455 meter in height.
Total volume of the main fuel tank is
25,095,336 cubic meters
and holds a total of
4,115,635,209 kilograms of gelled deuterium.

Energy output of this reactor system is 2.5*1024 joule.

Babylon 5 has a total of eight fusion reactors.
which can generate an average, combined power output of approximately
16,182 Terawatts (1.6*1016), time averaged over five years.
This powerful reactor system handles all the stations power needs.
In addition to the main fusion reactors, there are many smaller fusion reactors.
strategically placed throughout the station, designed to ensure key systems remain operational
should it ever become necessary to eject the stations main energizer.

A marvelous achievement for all parties involved, despite complaints that the station was build using substandard parts,

Station Rules:

  1. The commanding officer of Babylon 5 is empowered to speak on behalf of his government
    the way that a ship's captain does
  2. exploring new worlds is empowered.
  3. In addition to governing the station, the CO also acts as the Earth Ambassador
    As such, he or she is forbidden from using Station personnel
    or firepower to threaten another government into signing a treaty;
    a situation that would be considered void since it was signed under duress.
  4. To help pay for maintenance
    every visitor pays a fee upon boarding
    all staff have to pay rent on their quarters (deducted from their pay),
  5. and additional funds are derived from fees generated by use of the local jumpgate.
  6. No weapons are allowed on station
    On-station commercial activity is not subject to EA scrutiny.
    While guests are allows to make arms deals on station
    they are not permitted to bring the weapons on board or transferred anywhere in Babylon 5 Space..
  7. Those living or visiting the station are subject to the laws and regulations of the Earth Alliance.
  8. Babylon 5 operates a court system, which is authorized by the Earth Alliance Judicial System, to conduct trials.
  9. Alien cultural differences are not interfered with in any way on the station, as long as such interaction is between
    members of the same species unless requested.
    Intervention is only warranted when an alien's culture is brought upon someone not of his/her/its species.

In 2256,
many of the finest Earth Force officers were considered for the task of commanding the station.
The Minbari rejected all the choices, choosing instead Commander Sinclair, bypassing several distinguished generals and admirals.
When Sinclair was reassigned to diplomatic duties on Minbar, President Clark chose Captain Sherdan (then stationed on the EAS Agamemnon) to replace him
Hoping for a more hard-line stance against aliens, and someone more sympathetic to his cause
President Clark was later sorely disappointed.

The Garden

When the station's computer was completed in early 2256,
an Artificial Intelligence subroutine was installed
It was an instant failure and was disconnected
When the station's computer was rebooted after declaring independence (2260 C.E.), it became active once more
The AI was removed from the system, all the while incessantly harassing the station's security chief.

The Sovereign State (April 14, 2260 - 2261)
Babylon 5 seceded from the Earth Alliance and became an independent state on April 14, 2260, following the declaration of martial law on Earth
With the help of the renegade Omega -class destroyers Alexander and Churchill,
Babylon 5 repelled Clark's loyalist forces
Now severed from the Alliance, the station suffers from a severe lack of funding
Under the control of the War Council, Babylon 5 has created tenuous alliances with various Non-Aligned Worlds for the defense of the station in addition to Minbari support.
Roughly half of the security forces on the station are free Narn.

Capital of the Interstellar Alliance (2262)
Following the Earth Civil War and the creation of the Interstellar Alliance, the Newly created galactic power made arrangements to buy Babylon 5 from the Earth Alliance, while retaining the station's Earthforce personnel.
Captain Elizabeth Lochley was brought in as commander of the station.
It's use as capital of the ISA, however will be temporary
as permanent facilities are being built on Minbar in the city of Tuzanor (home of the Anla'shok).


BABYLON 5 Station.: Map

written by J
Michael Straczynski on GEnie
Babylon 5 is a space station in neutral space more or less central to all five of the different alliances, human or alien.
To get to one or the other, you have to pass through this sector of space.
Thus, Babylon 5 has been created as an interstellar port of call, a hub of commerce and diplomacy between innumerable species and races.
It is, as the numeral 5 indicates, the fifth and last of the Babylon series space station, the first four predecessors either being destroyed, sabotaged or simply disappearing before each could officially reach completion and activation.
It is now known, thanks to the undoubted and diligent work of EA investigation teams assigned to the various tragedies, that Babylon 1 through 3 were sabotaged during the structural phase of their construction.
It appears that the very existence and even ideals these stations represented were grounds enough for such cowardly actions as were perpetrated.
The fourth station was constructed, as a precaution, in a long orbit around Epsilon 3, third planet in orbit around Epsilon Eridani.
This time everything went without a hitch, the construction went its assigned course.
Unfortunately, on the verge of its official inauguration, Babylon 4 disappeared without a trace.
Once more a station was planned, constructed, and finally taken on-line.
This Station Was Babylon 5.
Babylon 5 is a semi-selfcontained space borne complex housing a quarter of a million inhabitants of various species
Its length extends over eight kilometers, encompasses 2.5 million metric tons houses its own fusion power station, and is able to fulfill as diverse functions as political forum or trading port
Babylon 5 was built and is a maintained and run by the Earth Alliance, it's entire staff complement being furnished by military personnel
Babylon 5 supports humanoid and anthropoid biologies as standard, but provides every possible convenience for methane breathers and whatnot
Gravity is furnished by rotating the entire station around its long axis, providing One Standard Gravity (Earth) along its outer sectors
Consequently, the core shuttle and other areas located towards the center of the station have a smaller gravity constant, which provides extended means of cargo handling and facilitates the core shuttle transport mechanism
The cobra bays, located at the circumference of the station diameter also use this rotation to fling the launched fighters into space without the need of any additional launching mechanism
To provide zero-g support in case it is necessary, as is the case of most bulk cargo, a docking spike attached to the non rotating frame, which actually acts as hinge to the rotating torus, is available.

A jumpgate is located nearby with the Corridor being the standard approach vector to the station
Vessels straying off the Corridor's flight path are fined.

  1. Station Services
  2. While most officials refer to the station as a trade center (and rightly so, Babylon 5 typically services 50 to 60 ships per day cycle), a multitude of services are available for the business traveller, tourist, and resident alike.
  3. Communications
  4. Utilizing the Tachyon Relay System, Babylon 5 has real-time communications with the rest of the Earth Alliance
    and alien worlds
    High-priority Gold Channels are exclusively for official use and always have top priority in relay routing.
    Commercial communications are less reliable and have much fewer channels available,
    making the wait for the call to go through is the target of many jokes.
  5. Credit System
  6. Beings entering Babylon 5 are given a credit chit
    Any currency held by the being is converted to current Earth-value credits
    according to the currency exchange rate. This is usually accomplished at Exchange Machines
    located conveniently throughout the station
    The credit chit contains the being's name, ID, additional personal information,
    including genetic anti-forgery information, and the current amount of credits the being currently has in the Babylon 5
    central computer (the chit is also tied to a being's IdentiCard).
    Employees of the station have their salaries tied into the chit. It is used as a debit card
    Each purchase or transfer
    runs down the total amount of credits until a deposit is made.
  7. Entertainment
  8. Babylon 5 offers a multitude of entertainment opportunities, including those of an illegal nature.
    Station vids offer thousands of entertainment channels including ISN, the Business Channel, Channel 57,
    and local news)
    Holo-arcades and sports arenas are also available, including several "outdoor" activities in the Park.
    Intergalactic shopping in the Bazaar and Zocalo is always a favorite. For those wanting pleasures of a more basic nature,
    dozens of bars are located throughout the station, and prostitutes of many species are available both legally and in Downbelow.
    Living Quarters
    While most quarters are designed for nitrogen/oxygen breathers, several living areas are designed to accommodate those beings
    requiring alternate atmospheres
    Should such aliens wish to travel in the standard atmosphere areas,
    they must wear respiration equipment or a full-body encounter suit.
  9. Showers

  10. Executive and Command quarters are the only suites that have real water showers, the rest of the station must make do with
    vibe showers which use sonic projectors and antibacterial lighting rather than water.
  11. Transportation
  12. All in-station transportation is handled by the Babylon Transit Authority.
    The most convenient means of transport through the station are the transport tubes, which can move vertically from level to level
    (average travel time between levels is three seconds). Some transport tubes offer transport horizontally.
    The Core shuttle (hanging in almost z-gravity near the Axis of the station) is the fastest way to travel along the length of the five-mile station.
    Core shuttles run every five minutes with stops at fifteen points along the length of the station.

The Garden Five miles long, Babylon 5 is divided into separate, discrete sections that rotate at differing speeds to provide different gravities to accommodate those who come to the station
It boasts the latest in defensive weaponry from Earthforce R&D, enough to hold off a large Centauri war cruiser -- a capability, unfortunately, which has been put to the test
Of course, even the best weapons Earth has to offer would be useless if the Shadows attacked
Luckily, the station isn't alone.

Babylon 5 is in orbit around the third planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system, a world which was until recently believed to be barren, devoid of life. In 2258, however, the remains of an ancient civilization were discovered buried deep beneath the planet's surface: a massive, planetwide machine with awesome offensive power and the ability to bend time
It is currently under the control of Delenn's mentor, Draal, who took over from the former guardian in "A Voice in the Wilderness, part 2." Draal has placed the planet's power at the disposal of Captain Sheridan, for use in the battle against the Shadows.

The Garden As for locations inside B-5...we've designed a number of very different looks and locations to give it a non-claustrophobic feel
By virtue of being patterned physically after the work of such scientists as Gerard K. O'Neill, the absolute center of the elongated station (which revolves to provide gravity) is a sort of hollow-world look, with fields and hydroponic gardens along the 360-degree circular section (which is about a half-mile, or a mile across)...and as you get closer to the absolute center,where a transport tube cuts from one end of the station to the other, naturally you get less and less gravity until you can literally hang suspended
This area is known as the Garden.

The Garden The Garden The Garden The Garden
The Gardens consist of many different envoriments and recreations facilities.

The Garden
the garden the garden the garden
The Baseball Court                                                                The Resturant Tower

And there are living areas designed to accommodate different environments and atmospheres and conditions
The alien sectors are off-limits to humans without protection (breathing gear and other measures)
Similarly, a heavy CO2 breather or methane breather would have to wear an encounter suit to travel among the humans on the station
In addition, the B-5 station is actually made up of several independent (though connected) sections, each revolving at a different speed in order to create alternative areas of gravity.

When they're not in C&C, the senior officers can often be found in the War Room, a recent addition
Equipped with a large galactic map to track the progress of the Shadow War, the War Room is where the Army of Light plots its strategy and analyzes enemy movements.

A map of the station.
  • The "front" part of the leading sphere has the bay entry opening into the station's axis
    It is flanked by two observation domes (the two "bridges")
  • The Docking bay is a ringlike section around the equator of the leading sphere
    Ships enter through the axis of the sphere and are "lowered" down into an empty slot in the bay.
  • The Cobra bays are on the three struts supporting the leading sphere.
  • The Med lab is a sphere shaped area snug against Blue Section.
  • The other sections are shaped like rings.
  • The Garden is the hollow cylindrical area with hydroponic gardens. One often sees this in the open-air luxury restaurants.
  • The Core Shuttle runs down the station's axis.
Babylon 5 Interior Map

The station is divided into Six sections, each subdivided into 36 sectors (10 degrees of cross section)
These Six sectors are color coded:
  • Yellow (zero-g research labs, fusion core consisting of 8 Tokomac reactors, cooling fins)
  • Brown (Commerce and Transient Habitation)
  • Red    (Marketplace/Business area)
  • Blue    (Maintenance, operations control, normal/low-g docking bays, MedLab)
  • Gray    (Industrial fabrication, alpha power station)
  • Green (Ambassadorial complex, communal offices, meeting and conference rooms)

Every section carries its own color as primary shading among the walls, with sectors prominently displayed at intersections
In addition there is a semantic designation od living quarters (single dot over a bar),

meeting rooms (six dots to either side of a bar) and the core shuttle (3 dots in a line above and through three large circles)
If confusion should still arise, please do not hesitate to ask any of the available station personnel.

Yellow Sector:

Function.: Zero-Gravity Cargo Bays and Docking, Maintenance, Defense Systems

This sector extends across the aft three kilometers of the station, housing the 8 Tokamac fusion reactors in the zero-g primary fusion core
For safety reasons, this fusion core is located at the extreme end of the station, separated from the inhabited part by the coolant system and maintenance facilities.

At the other end of Yellow Sector one can find the zero-g research torus, providing space and support for delicate research activities which require variation in their local gravity
Various zero-g maintenance facilities and auxiliary power units are also embedded in the conical end of yellow sector, located fore.
With the Zero-G Cargo Bays and customs facilities to process incoming Cargo
The Zero-Gravity Cargo and Docking Bays is placed in the front end at the top.
All cargo enters here from the many Zero-G Heavy Transporters servicing Babylon 5.

cargo been unloaded zero-g docking bay
Cargo Modules been unloaded from Heavy Transport.       Zero-G Heavy Transport with cargo modules unloaded

Brown Sector

Function: Commerce and Transient Habitation

Because of its location to the docking area and customs, Brown Sector is dedicated to the thousands of beings passing through the station on a daily basis and aliens with special requirements. Temporary lodging and commercial (including some of the more shady restaurants and clubs) are dedicated to travellers, traders, and others.

Aliens requiring alternate atmosphere and gravity conditions live in the Alien Sector
While most aliens residing here require special atmosphere mixes, oxygen breathing aliens tend to gravitate here, away from the overabundance of humans elsewhere
The alien sector is not all blank corridors curtained in noxious gasses, the Hanging Garden houses various varieties of alien plant life suited to a methane-ammonia atmosphere
The Hanging Garden got its name from the various spheres of soils that hang suspended from the ceiling by thick chains
Most of the alien growths are phosphorescent
The Dilgar War Memorial was erected here to commemorate the worlds and species that fell to the Dilgar.


Red Sector:

Function.: Habitation, Commerce and Leisure Facilities

Red Sector is located aft of Blue Sector and fore of Green
It houses facilities and supports functionality to support station trade and commerce
It houses the Zocalo, a general marketplace sporting shops and stands of every possible origin and nature
The Zocalo is in fact an entire level girding the station and as such providing a unique such circular public area on the station. If, while wandering around, you find yourself encountering individuals and shops that somehow seem familiar, this is not deja vue, or more precisely, it is exactly that, for you have already visited this location at the outset of your wanderings
In addition Red Sector provides numerous smaller meeting chambers and a multitude of business establishments
At the outside, towards the hull, there is space provided for waste management systems
It is generally accepted that this is where the region known as 'Down Below' starts
It is not recommended for the casual traveler to invade this nest of iniquity and chaos.


Places to see:
    The Bazaar
        alien traders from around the galaxy sells their exotic wares here.
    Book Universe (book store)
          The casinos accept all currencies and offer games from seven systems including Joy Wheel and Blackjack.
          Telepaths are allowed access, but are forbidden to play
    Station personnel are allowed access too,
          but cannot exceed a fifty credit limit, lest they turn to unsavory elements for funding.
      The Dark Star Club (seeTaan Churok )
      Doug's Dugout Sports Bar Specializes in Zoon Burgers, Jovian tubers, and Attraxion Ale.
      The Eclipse Cafe
      Earhart's (Earth Alliance officer's club)
      Finagle's Place
      The Fresh Air Restaurant The finest (and most expensive) restaurant on station.
      The Galactic Boutique
      The Glory Shop
      The Green Tiger
      Happy Daze Bar
      Babylon 5 Museum permanent exhibition on Earth History (highlighted by a 20th century electric guitar)
          with rotating exhibits from various worlds.
      Zocalo Cafe

Blue Sector:

Function.: C&C, Docking Bays, Customs, Medlabs, Personal Habitation, Administration, Advisory Council Chambers

Blue Sector is the first and foremost Sector on Babylon 5
Structurally, this is also where the rotating torus is fastened to the outer framework
With the docking bays and customs facilities to process incoming traffic
Not strictly part of Blue sector, but still located in its section of the station
there is the zero-g docking spike protruding into space in front of the station
Blue sector also houses the command facilities of Babylon 5
the central Command and Control Deck, along with an Observation Dome.
Immediately behind the command sphere there are the cobra bays, stocked with Starfuries.
Also located in Blue sector are the bulk of available medical facilities, the MedLab
whereas there are smaller offices and dependencies scattered throughout Green Sector
Providing medical support and counsel to the population of Babylon 5


docking bays and customs facilities to process incoming traffic.
Located within the Command Sphere are 60 pressurised docking bays
all connected to the Docking Portal via the Central Docking Hub.
This is where all in/out comming passenger liners and shuttles is serviced.
Must docking bays are accommodated in a huge ring that runs the circumference of the Command Sphere
with ships positioned by a system of lifts and tubes upon entering the station
and passengers disembarkin through a terminal that leads straight to Costums.
This is also where private spaceships is stationed.
12 docking bays have there own sealed compartments used for the personal crafts
of ambassadors, sensitive EarthForce Military Ships and private rented docks.
This is also where Babylon 5's internal shuttles/gear is stored.
Babylon 5 have it's own fleet of service vehicles:
either in the docking bay's or parked in a safe orbit around the station.

10 Mitchel-Hyundyne STG-19 Insystem Shuttles
 5 Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttles
 8 Zero-G Majestix Class Cargo Loaders
36 Mitchel-Hyundyne UV-2C Maintenance Bot's
21 Mitchel-Hyundyne UV-5E Maintenance Pod's
10 Mitchel-Hyundyne Maintenance Fury's
10 Type 1 Mini Cargo Shuttle
10 Type 2 Mini Cargo Shuttle
10 Hand held Grappling's Claw's and 30 worker Jet-Packs

the station shuttle the docking bay lift area
The Station Shuttle                       The Docking Bay Lift Area

the docking bay from the inside the docking bay from the outside
The docking bay from the inside            The docking bay from the outside

The main docking bay is located at the front of the station in the exact center of the main cylinder.
Because it is located along the axis of rotation, the main docking bay is in microgravity.
Access is restricted to authorized Earthforce personnel and/or dock workers
and spacesuits must be worn at all times.
Ships wishing to land in the main docking bay must slave their navigation systems to a landing beacon provided by Babylon 5 Control.
They are then landed on autopilot by Babylon Control.
Ships arriving through the main docking bay first pass through an airlock
and then land on a large platform which is then lowered to one of the many docking bays where they can unload their passengers and cargo.
Ships whose geometries preclude them from being able to land on a platform
or which lack landing gear, can be settled onto huge cradles
which are then used to store the ships in the docking bays.
Passengers are moved between the ship and the docking bay floor
using a transfer cabin mounted on the end of a crane.

The entrance of the main docking bay is approximately 20 meters tall by 40 meters wide.
It can accommodate most small- to medium-sized ships.
Larger ships assume a parking orbit nearby and transfer materials and personnel via shuttle.


Immediately behind the command sphere there are the infamous cobra bays, stocked with Starfuries.
The station's first line of defense is its four wings of Starfuries
The four wings are as follows: Alpha Wing (“Flying Nightmares”)   Beta Wing (“Rolling Thunder”)
Delta Wing (“Ghost Riders”)         Zeta Wing (“Air Cavalry”)
48 Starfury fighters - 28 are ready to launch at any given time
24 SA-23E Aurora class Starfuries       24 new SA-32 Thunderbolt class Starfuries.

The Cobra Launch Bays are used to launch the station's Starfury fighters.
Access is restricted to Earthforce maintenance and flight personnel.
The cobra bays are mounted along the outside of the four "cobra arms"
which run along the “neck” of the spherical forward section of the station's main cylinder.
There are seven cobra bays on each cobra arm. Each cobra bay holds one Starfury.
Each set of seven cobra bays consists of one long immense room with seven huge sliding launch bay doors set into the floor.
Each Starfury is held in a large cradle which suspends it over its launch bay doors.
Retractable walkways allow pilots to walk out and board their fighters.
When the Starfuries are launched, the air is evacuated from the launch bays and the doors are opened.
The Starfuries are then pivoted downwards to face out through the launch bay doors in the floor, and released from their cradles to drop out free of the station.
An automated system prevents the Starfuries from being released in such a manner that they would collide with the zerogravity spine of the station.
Starfuries return to the station though the main docking bay
where they are returned to their launch cradles
and transported back to the cobra bays for maintenance and refitting.
The Cobra bays are large rooms full of equipment and ordinance.
The room is lit with red lights to prepare the pilots’ eyes for the darkness of space.

cobra bay's cobra bays
Cobra Bay's seen from the inside.            Cobra Bay's seen from the Outside


candc the command facilities of Babylon 5
is the central Command and Control Deck,
Officially called the Observation Dome.
C&C is situated just under the docking portal.
This is the nerve centre of the entire station
Every operation of B5 can be monitored and controlled here.

          Main Panels and the Observations Window to Space.

A member of the Command Staff is required to be present at all times in order to handle any emergency situation.

C&C (short for Command & Control) is the tactical nerve center of Babylon 5.
It is located on the nose of the station, just under the main docking bay.
All station operations are directed from here, with the exception of station security.
This includes control of the station’s defense grid
as well as “air traffic control” for the docking bays.
Access is restricted to authorized Earthforce personnel only.
Any unauthorized persons who enter the room will be asked to leave
first politely, then firmly, then with physical force if need be.
C&C is a roughly round room about 5 meters across.
There are monitors set into the walls
and various consoles are located around the periphery of the room.
In the center of the room is a sensor pit, from which all of neighboring space is monitored.
Beyond the sensor pit is the command console
which is located in front of a large porthole opening out onto space.
This porthole provides a good view of ships entering and leaving the main docking bay
“above,” as well as nearby space in the direction of the jump gate.
The commanding officer is usually standing in front of the command console.
During battle, a blast shield can be slid over the porthole from the outside to protect it.


Medlab 1 is a combination emergency room, research laboratory and operating room.
There are other medlabs throughout the station which provide normal medical treatment for the population of the station
as well as a nearby infirmary which provides hospital beds for patients' recovery.
Medlab 1 is located in the public part of Blue Sector
but access may be restricted in the event of an emergency or for the security of a patient.
Medical care is provided by Earthforce for all Earthforce and ambassadorial personnel.
Earthforce also provides medical care as part of its disaster relief efforts.
Private citizens must pay for their medical treatment.
For those unable to afford treatment at the Medlab
there is (unofficially) a free clinic in Downbelow.
Various alien races also have their own doctors on-station.
The atmosphere in Medlab is a testament to the professionalism of its staff.
In an emergency, things may appear hectic at first
but a deeper observation reveals that the staff is acting very precisely
very quickly, and with a surprising degree of coordination given their speed.
They move with the urgency of a pit crew and the trained poise of dancers.
Commands and replies, inquiries and responses fly throughout the room, underlain by the rush of motion.
Orders may be shouted, but emotion is ruled by training and the need for cogent thought.
The lights are bright, all the surfaces are shining, and it smells like a hospital in here.

Note: Medlab 1 was moved to newer and better quarters in 2260.


The Iso-Lab is a hermetically sealed chamber with its own independent atmosphere recirculation system.
It can be used to operate on aliens that breathe an alternate atmosphere
contain hazardous materials, or to quarantine a potentially infectious patient.
It is also used as a conventional operating theater if the main Medlab is in use for other purposes.

Gray Sector:

Function.: Construction and Manufacturing

Gray Sector is a small and comparatively uninteresting sector located fore of Yellow Sector, stretching across a mere three quarters of a kilometer
It houses mainly the industrial production facilities needed for the day to day operation of Babylon 5
It is also the aft bearing point upon which the rotating part of the station hinges.

the garden Integrated into the mag-lev bearing assembly is also the driving mechanism which is powerful enough to keep the massive torus rotating at a constant speed
During construction of the station, one of the most fascinating sights was the spinning up of the central habitation torus
The process required almost four days, and was accompanied by the consistent firing of special temporarily installed counterforce rocket propulsion systems
These systems were to prevent the frame from rotating in the opposite direction of the torus, as was their want according to Newton's law of Reaction
If and when the station is decommissioned, it is not planned to slow the torus back to a standstill, nor would this be possible under any circumstance
One of the dangers of having such a massive body rotating at such speeds, is the Rotational energy bound up in it.
Should it ever start to jump out of synchronicity with the non rotating frame, or worse still, develop an additional axis of rotation, the station would be torn apart from internal stresses to its framework.

Green Sector

Function: Diplomatic Habitation and Facilities

Babylon 5 in high orbit Green Sector is the largest of Sectors on Babylon 5
It stretches across three and a half kilometers and represents the bulk of the rotating torus
It is mostly empty, functioning as biosphere and atmospheric support system, as the inside is coated by the hydroponics facilities, lending a pleasant green mantle to the inner 'surface', and incidentally providing a spectacular view of the lush curving greenery from one of the many gardens and smaller parks spotting the surface
In the center one can see the core shuttle system, ferrying goods and people from one end of Green Sector to the other.
Aft of the garden is the Alien Sector, sop named as the Multi-Envrion Facilities are located here, able to provide for any esoteric and exotic environment a visitor could possible want
Fore of the garden section is the 'posh' living section, housing ambassadorial quarters and their supporting bureaucratic facilities
Once more, it is possibly of note to mention that 'below' everything (out towards the hull) extend waste management facilities, providing unintended quarter and space to the 'Down Below' population.

Green Sector is set aside for the residence of the alien ambassadors, dignitaries, and their parties
Limited facilities are available for aliens whose atmospheric needs are not so severe that they must live in the Alien Sector
Diplomatic quarters for the major powers are located in Green 2
Each ambassador has diplomatic immunity and the quarters of each ambassador are considered to be part of their world's territory
Since a complete suite of offices for each ambassador would take up most of the station, diplomats are given priority access to the station's meeting rooms, conference centers, and auditoriums.

In addition to the five sectors, Babylon 5 sports a sizable cargo capacity, and last but not least it's cobra bays, housing four squadrons of Star Fury class space superiority fighters. Speaking of defense, since 2259 the station boasts an integrated defense grid with a firepower large enough to take on the largest battle cruiser.


Another part of the station not usually mentioned on any handout is the dark and dangerous gap between the last officially habitable sectors and the hull,
a gap sizable enough to support an underground population of castaways, insolvents and general misfits. equivalent of the homeless, called Lurkers.
Most of them are people who came to the station looking for work; they didn't find any, and can't afford passage offstation
No government is willing to pay to ship them home (and in some cases, they wouldn't even be allowed home) so they languish on the station. The Downbelow is a center of criminal activity on B5, though by no means is crime confined to that area.
This was allowed to happen due to the lack of funding to fully complete these last few sectors during the final days of construction
Since then it has proven impossible to remedy the situation, largely due to the turning of a blind eye by EA management.

All in all, Babylon 5 is a magnificent achievement, a shining jewel in space, replete with every comfort and service to be found among the civilized species
It has been called, with good reason, the hub of local space, the pin upon which history hinges for the duration of its existence.

Finally, on sets and the "look" of the place...again, there will be a mix.
Parts of the station are still under construction, and parts are finished.
Some sections are in daylight, some in night, alternating by level and sector
On the very outer ring, the viewports are in panels ON THE FLOOR, so you're looking down and out into space, revolving beneath your feet.
Some places will be beautifully finished and neat, and other areas will be very rough and in-the-works
(Remember, B5 only recently went operational, and thus there are still some parts being constructed.) In talking with our production designer, John Iacovelli, the one term he kept using, over and over, was "travelogue." We should get a real sense in this show of a world turned inside out...with varying textures, lighting, angles, and a mix of looks
There will not be a homogeneous look to this place, if I or Iacovelli have anything to say about it
You can walk from the carefully and neatly appointed Council Chamber room, to the high- tech control room, to a section of the station under construction and exposing beams and wires, to the dark and noire-looking nightclub, to the Garden, to....