See the example menu to the left of this page.

This is a static vertical menu there can be placed on the left or rigth side of the page
It stays on the side and follows you down when you scroll down the page

The menu is created with two javascript files and one CSS file.
1. SSM.JS : the file there builds the menu and the mouse movement.
2. SSMITEMS.JS : the file with the menu and links + menu settings.
3. SSMSETS.CSS : settings for the links and the HEADER/TITEL field.
it is easy to set up the menu in the ssmitems.js file.
just see how i have set this menu up you see the left side of the page.

Here is the code for the SSM.JS file.

Here is the code for the SSMITEMS.JS file.

Add these lines to the <head> section of the pages you want this menu to appear on.

You can download the script with the images used here